Artisan Marketplaces

Not only does IBIE offer a wide array of specialty suppliers, unique resources and dedicated education tracks to cater specifically to retail and artisan baking professionals, this year we are pleased to add two new state-of-the-art Artisan Marketplaces, Crafted by Puratos and the Bread Bakers Guild of America (BBGA) to the Expo Hall floor. These interactive, innovative marketplaces will be hubs for unique experiences and exceptional learning opportunities for bakers looking to hone their skills, make connections and walk away inspired for growth in every aspect of their business.

Artisan Marketplace Crafted by Puratos

Location: North Hall, Booth 2345

This European influenced setting will give artisan bakers a comprehensive destination to celebrate the history and art of specialty baked goods, and sidewalk café seating will create a truly immersive atmosphere on the show floor. Within the Marketplace, Puratos will feature The Sourdough Experience, which includes hands-on demonstrations and workshops, as well as a virtual tour of and actual samples from their Sourdough Library in Belgium, the only library of its kind in the world.

Rendering of the IBIE Artisan Marketplace Crafted by Puratos

The Sourdough Library

As part of The Sourdough Experience demonstration, attendees have the opportunity to experience Puratos’ Sourdough Library through the magic of virtual reality, as well as to see actual sourdough samples brought from the Library in Belgium.

Demonstration Theater

The Demonstration Theater is the highlight of the Marketplace, featuring The Sourdough Experience, as well as hands-on demonstrations and workshops by:

  • Karl De Smedt | The Sourdough Librarian 
  • Stefan Capelle | Sourdough & Grains / Seeds Expert
  • Beesham Soogrim | Chef, Waldorf School – Southern Sweden
  • Peter Reinhart | Executive Director, Johnson & Wales University – Charlotte

Sourdough Customization

Puratos will bring their MyBreaD program, giving attendees the opportunity to select their own ingredients for a personalized loaf of artisan bread that can be picked up in the Marketplace just hours later.

Presentation Theater

The Presentation Theater will host intimate, face to face discussions and Q&A sessions between featured bakers and attendees, as well as accommodate digital presentations and videos.

Meeting & Networking Seating

Sidewalk café style furniture and outdoor benches are located on the perimeter of the Marketplace so that attendees can hold impromptu networking meetings and conversation comfortably.

Artisan Marketplace Crafted by BBGA

Location: Central Hall, Booth 6637

This California Wine Country inspired Marketplace will feature live demonstrations with a full lineup of expert-led content running every hour from 10:30 am – 3:30 pm daily throughout the duration of the expo. The speaker roster features renowned bakers such as:

  • Stanley Ginsberg – Author: “The Rye Baker” and “Inside the Jewish Bakery”
  • Nicky Guisto – Central Milling, Baking Team USA 2016
  • Craig Ponsford – Artisan Baking Center; Ponsford’s Place; Baking Team USA 1996
  • Leslie Mackie – Macrina Bakery; Author: “Leslie Mackie’s Macrina Bakery“ and “More From Macrina Bakery”
  • Ciril Hitz – Johnson & Wales University; Baking Team USA 2002: Author: “Baking Artisan Breads” and “Baking Artisan Breads and Pastries
  • Lauren Haas – Johnson & Wales University
  • Martin Philip – King Arthur Flour; Author: “Breaking Bread: A Baker’s Journey In 75 Recipes”
  • Matt McDonald – Aryzta/LaBrea Bread; contributor Bouchon Bakery Book
BBGA Artisan Marketplace at IBIE Speakers

DEMO AGENDAsubject to change.

Sunday, September 8th:

10:30 am Ricky DeMaria
Old School Italian Made New Again
11:30 am Billy Manzo
Topic: It’s Not Just Pizza
12:30 pm Nicholas Ahrens, Bay State Milling
Topic: Baking With Sprouted Grains: The Basics
1:30 pm Ciril Hitz, Johnson & Wales University; Baking Team USA 2002, Silver Medal; author, “Baking Artisan Pastries” and “Baking Artisan Bread”
Kouign-Amann Product Line Made with Laminated Brioche
3:30 pm Bobby Schaffer
Topic: “Finding Lost Larson” Identifying a Niche and Serving a Community

Monday, September 9th: 

10:30 am Leslie Mackie, Macrina Bakery; Author, “Macrina Bakery & Cafe Cookbook” and “More from Macrina”
Pizza Bianca and Italian Sandwiches
11:30 am Jane Cho, Macrina Bakery
Topic: TBD
12:30 pm Craig Ponsford, Central Milling; Baking Team USA 1996, Gold Medal, Baguettes
Topic: High-Extraction Flour to Whole-Wheat Flour and Everything In-between
1:30 pm Stanley Ginsberg, Author: “The Rye Baker” and “Inside the Jewish Bakery”
Topic: Overcoming Rye’s Challenges
3:30 pm Matt McDonald, Aryzta/LaBrea Bread; contributor Bouchon Bakery Book
Topic: “Keeping It Simple”

Tuesday, September 10th:

10:30 am Martin Philip, King Arthur Flour; Author, “Breaking Bread”
“Brush Up Your Shaping.” Boules, batards, baguettes and pan breads. The basics of hand shaping.
11:30 am Megan Forman
Topic: Kings Cake and Seasonal Variations
12:30 pm Lauren Haas, Johnson & Wales University, Cocoa Barry, Sosa
Topic: Travel Cakes: Enhancing Creativity and Adding Value
1:30 pm Melina Kelson
Topic: TBD
3:30 pm Jacob Baggenstos
Topic: Repurposing Unsold Product with Minimum Labor and Maximum Gains

Wednesday, September 11th:

10:30 am Nicky Guisto, Central Milling, Baking Team USA 2016
Topic: Varietal Vollkornbort – An Assortment of Whole Grain Breads
11:30 am Jory Downer, Bennison’s Bakery; Baking Team USA, World Champion, 2005
Topic: Transitioning Competition Pastry to Daily Products
12:30 pm Jeremey Gaduoas, Midori Bakery & Aryzta; Baking Team USA 2012
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