Innovation Showcase

IBIE puts baking’s newest advances on full display in one efficient, state-of-the-art center of innovation. Attendees can browse the Innovation Showcase, located in the Convention Center Lobby, to see new products and technology that would equip their operation for the future. The showcase includes Ingredients, Equipment, Packaging and Safety products never before seen at IBIE.

View the IBIE 2016 Innovation Showcase here.

If you’re exhibiting at IBIE and wish to be have your product featured in the Innovation Showcase, please email Paul Lattan.

Join this growing list of 2019 Innovation Showcase Exhibitors:


AMF Bakery
Air Management Technologies
Apex Motion
Auto Bake
Axis Automation
Bay State Milling Company
BluePrint Automation
Brolite Products
Buhler Inc
Bundy Baking Solutions
Cereal Ingredients Inc.
Doran Scales, Inc.
Doner Mfg Corp
Flynn Burner
Formost Fuji Corporation
Fortress Technology Inc.
G&I Products
Houdijk Holland
Inclusion Technologies
Grote Co., Inc.
Jbt Foodtech
Koenig Bakery Systems
Lasaffre Yeast Corporation
MiT Systems
Pneumatic Conveying, Inc.
Rademaker USA
Reading Baking Systems
Rheon U.S.A.
Reading Thermal Systems
Schenck Process
Schubert North America
Selas Heat Technology Company LLC
Shick Esteve
Sottoriva America, Inc.
Tonelli Group
Topos Mondial Corporation
Tromp Marketing
Western Foods
Zeppelin Systems USA, Inc.
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